This Weeks BFF is  THUNDER. I fell in love with Thunder from the first moment I laid eyes on him. My son had met his owner and said he wanted to do something that would cheer him up. Apparently it had been a bit of a tough year for him. Well he asked me if I would do him a favour by painting this dog’s portrait (in secret). Thunder had passed on but my son felt that a portrait of him would cheer his buddy up.  How could I say NO to that?

I am so happy I said YES, because this painting brought so much joy to the Giver and the Receiver as well as the artist. Read more about Thunder in the ‘ I Remember When” page

This beautiful boy has departed this world, but he still lives on in the hearts and minds of his owner and now all of us. Thunder is a gorgeous, fun loving Bull Dog who was up to a bit of mischief this day. Apparently he stole his owners Sandwhich.. UH OH!

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