Frankie holding a Lynx

You say Picasso, I say Pawcasso and either way you are right!
Hi, my name is Frankie Picasso ( for real) and I am an artist, author, radio host, but here on this site, I am a lover of all animals, an activist and a painter.
I feel so blessed to be able to combine three of my passions, painting, animals and social impact.
I love painting pets or wildlife for you and your family. There is nothing better than the joy I feel ( and relief if I’m being honest)  when you love your Pets portrait too.
I fall in love with every animal I paint and sometimes it’s hard to let them go.😄
It’s also great that I’m able to support a variety of non profits through this medium.

If you would like to listen to Talk Radio that Does a World of Good, please visit my other site at

The Good Radio Network!

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