This page is where owners get to tell us a story about their beloved pets. Instead of in a far off land long ago, just start your “TAIL” off with ‘ I remember when ……”

I remember when Bongo was just a puppy..6 months old in this picture and I had taken him to Doggie Camp. He loved it there because all the dogs ran free and wild together like a pack. They ate and had nap time together. They even had their own club house. It was very cool.
Well there was also a trainer on hand and it was her job to help train and discipline your dog as well as socialize him.
If you know anything about Golden Retreivers, they are supposed to be people pleasers. That was a ‘selling feature’ about this breed..hahaha. Not my boy. By the end of the first day, they asked me if Bongo was deaf? ” Deaf?” I repeated… Nope not deaf…lol.. STUBBORN.. you see Bongo is so chill, that loud noises don’t even startle him. He won’t even look up half the time. Well it seems she was calling him by his name, over and over and she had NO RESPONSE! I said “Welcome to my world” Today, at 4 years old he can still be stubborn and pretend not to hear me, but he does lift an eyebrow now when you call his name. Oh, and he is really good at telling time. He will always show up for breakfast, dinner ( ours) and when it’s time to go and play. On the weekends when his schedule changes, I take him to the dog park in the morning, but my husband takes him at 3:30 for another walk. It doesn’t matter if he is in a sound sleep or not, but at 3:30 he will get up and walk over to him and say..Buddy can’t you tell time? It’s time to go.