It’s really simple and easy to get your order started. Just find 3-10 really good quality photo’s of your pet, scan if possible, and then email them to me at

Please find photo’s that show special markings., and especially if you have a close up of their eyes, nose or other features that are unique to your pet. Make sure you send me your favorite pose and tell me if you would like the background the same or change it to a portrait style. Also what colours you would like to see featured so it matches a room or your decor.


Lulu’s owners sent me close to 40 photo’s. As I scrolled through them I found the pose I thought would be great. This is the one I chose for her. There were 2 other considerations for this painting. I knew that it would probably be hung near Thunder’s and I knew that their decor was grey, black, white, and brown. I didn’t think that the door and floor were that interesting so I decided to give her a portrait background instead. I added a bit of the same colour’s I had used in Thunder’s so they would match.

Lulu.. photo of a bulldog

Lulu.. The POSE I chose to work with

Finished Portrait of Lulu


Lulu’s photo would hang near Thunder so I wanted her to have similar colours


Picture of Lulu




If you are ordering from within Canada, use the Custom Painting Canada button. Alternately, International orders will pay in USD and I will have to let you know shipping prices separately. The menu button shows 2 sizes. 16 x 20 and 18 x 24. Choose the size you want.

Custom Paintings -Canada


Custom Paintings – International