I received this letter from my friend Tim Maloney, the Director of Mercy Ships Canada. I am so excited about the build of their new Hope Centre.
I am pasting the entire letter in here for you to read as a portion of moneys raised will be distributed to help fund it.
have an exciting month ahead, with the chance to bring more hope and healing than ever before to those in need.

This Easter we have been blessed with our biggest match ever – an anonymous legacy donor has left us $300,000 to double all gifts from now until April 30th!

Rose is currently in the Benin HOPE Centre, where she will receive rehabilitation, ministry, and love from our team of volunteers.
And these funds will be designated to Mercy Ship Canada’s biggest project to date: a new HOPE Centre, built to care for the people of Cameroon for our 2017/2018 field service.

People, very often children, can be severely burned in accidents involving these fires, resulting in scarring that reduces the mobility of limbs. Many cases of severe burns require skin transplants to release burn contractures and restore range of motion. The Mercy Ships plastic surgery team provides relief from pain and disfigurements through specialized surgical interventions.

This means that right now your support has a greater impact than ever before.

Your generosity this Easter season will help patients like Rose, who didn’t have full use of her hands because of infected burns she suffered as a baby. After surgery on the Africa Mercy, children like Rose need the HOPE Centre to help them recover. The Centre also gives family members like Rose’s father, who doesn’t want to leave his daughter’s side, a place to stay while his daughter undergoes treatment.

In the coming month we will be sharing more stories of resurrection, renewal and rebirth, in celebration of the greatest gift and resurrection of all.

Please give a gift today that will be doubled to help children like Rose.

I am so grateful for the support of friends like you as we embark on this journey together.

Ever hopeful,

National Director, Mercy Ships Canada

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